We all are facing the challenges of nature due to the rapid industrialization and insensitive use of our resources polluting the earth, endangering life of not only humans but the complete animal kingdom.

Problems on earth are diverse: underdevelopment, poverty, drought and famine, environmental depletion, wastage, waste of resources etc. We all should aim for Sustainable Development to solve these problems and create a situation that is of long-term durability for all present and future generations, known as intra- and intergenerational equity. The concept has three main pillars: social, economic and ecological aspects.

We at Dashako Products endeavor to contribute to the above mentioned responsibility by promoting the use of bio-degradable natural products by collaborating with various NGOs who work for the welfare of the rural fork by promoting self-help groups, women empowerment and creating employment and support for agricultural based products. In the process we would like to reach you with various items made out of natural leaves and agriculture based items made by the rural folks and artisans, to suit for special occasions.

We are confident that you will like the products being offered by us and will cherish your support for the use of the products.

Thanking You, for joining us in the continuous struggle and contribution for social welfare and support for the sustainability initiatives.